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Children’s brains are very sharp during childhood and for that reason, youth is a suitable stage to start supplying them with knowledge, language, and grammar rules to tune their set of skills. The latter being one of the most elaborate due to its trickiness. So, it’s important to apply ideas that will gradually build grammar rules on your child. The following suggestions can help you achieve this result by exposure and repetition.

The Importance of Storytelling

This will tell you where your child’s grammar stands. Get a few illustrated books without words. Tell your children the story and then, have them narrate the story by looking at the images and recount them in their own words. If they use incorrect grammar, correct them gently, and have them repeat the correct sentence. Do this several times for the same story or turn it into a bedtime routine.

Grammar Games

Parents and teachers must know that, unless they find entertaining methods to instruct certain topics, children will get easily bored; or worse, become defiant when it comes to learning. Thus, there are many interactive apps, videos, and online games to practice grammar skills. Search these tools and involve your children in them.

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