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Children are exhausted and eager to escape their routine once the winter break starts. Some are so keen on the idea of rest that they will bask in it for as long as they can, putting their parents in a tricky spot: drawing the line between managing those impulses and allowing a well-deserved rest at the same time. Hopefully, these tips by The Tutoring Center, Cedar Park, will help you find the right balance between duty and leisure during the winter break. Read on!

Don't Let Them Break Their Sleep Cycle

Not cutting back on children's sleep hours is crucial during any break period. Delaying their bedtime and waking hours so that their terms more closely match those of adults is an excellent measure to boost resting hours during winter break.

The Importance of Eating Habits

Even if you are all in the middle of the holiday season, keeping these habits similar to those you follow during the school year will strengthen cycles and eating patterns. Being on vacation is not an excuse for skipping meals or snacks.

Schedule Rest, Activity, and Free Time

Don't let TV or mobile devices gain ground this winter break. Although the restrictions imposed during these days can loosen up, particular caution and strict schedules must occur when deciding to let your children slack in front of a screen.

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