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Tips for Creating a Great Learning Space

When each student sits down to complete their homework assignment or study their textbooks and notebooks for an upcoming test, their learning space plays a large part in just how efficient their study session will be. Instead of having your children studying on the couch in front of the TV, The Tutoring Center, Cedar Park, has some tips to help you create a more learning-conducive space for them. Keep scrolling.

Keep the Space Distraction Free

This can often seem as simple as removing your student’s cell phones during their study sessions. And while this is a great way to reduce distractions, noises like your own vacuuming, somebody mowing their lawn nearby, or even the sound of children playing in the backyard can be all that is needed to break your student’s attention. Take a look around your home. Then, find a space free from any of these distractions. This could be your bedroom, your back deck area, or even a laundry room. Wherever the best place for your children to study without distractions, consider setting this up as their temporary study space during their homework.

What Do They Need?

One of the worst things that a student can do during their study session would be to stop and get a glass of water or get some markers for a diagram. Why? Because it can take as much as 15 minutes for them to become re-engaged with their study material after they find where they left off and re-read the text to get back up to speed. For this reason, ask them to make a list of the items they will need for each study session throughout the week and be sure that it is all within reaching distance in their study space.

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