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Many parents complain about the fact that their children don't read, but the problem is that, for one reason or another, they haven't been able to lay the foundations of this habit and generate a taste for reading. However, the war is not lost, you still have time to make to raise good readers!

Read to Them Every Night

Reading with your child every night is a good strategy to encourage the habit of reading. The idea is that both of you enjoy this moment and that the child establishes a positive association with reading. If you are constant, little by little the habit of reading will be planted and you'll find your child reading or asking you to finish that story that you have left halfway when you least expect it.

Organize a Library at Home

Children's access to books has been shown to influence reading habits. Therefore, a good way to get your child to read is to organize a library at home, you don't have to buy hundreds of books but you should have at least several dozen, which deal with different topics.

Talk About Books at Home

Great readers really enjoy talking about the books that have just passed through their hands, so if you want to stimulate your child's reading cravings, it's important to keep talking about these stories. Don't overlook any book, ask the children to comment on it, to express their criteria, let them tell you what they would have liked to change within the story, etc. By the way, take this opportunity to recommend other books.

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