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Now that the summer holidays have started, children have the opportunity to enjoy these days off and get a break from school. Although rest is key to growth and development, it's important to remind parents of the importance of ensuring that their children stay active during their summer break by practicing sports. This post by The Tutoring Center, Cedar Park, delves deeper into this topic so, read on!

Don't Let Them Break Healthy Habits

Add some structure with specific activities, such as planning a routine that covers the fitness areas of physical exercise: heart, muscle strength, muscular resistance, and flexibility. The training may comprise push-ups, abdominal workouts, squats, jumping jacks, or lunges. Encourage children to go outdoors to play rather than wasting too much time watching TV. Also, showing them workout videos can be helpful to do some exercises at home if the weather outside it's scorching. Don't forget that children will be more enthusiastic about fitness if their friends or family are involved.

Finally, Strive to Create Entertaining Games Out of This

For example, please give them a step counter and tell them to imagine that they are traveling all over the world. Then, find out on a map how far your children have come, according to their distance traveled in steps, and keep track of how far they travel each day. Set a goal and offer a modest prize for when your child accomplishes it.

Engaging in sports it's important, but don't underestimate the learning slide that happens during the summer break and enroll your children in tutoring in Cedar Park. Call (512) 433-6342 to reach out to The Tutoring Center, Cedar Park, and book a free diagnostic assessment.


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