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Infant Dyslalia: What Does It Consist Of?

While learning how to speak, it's normal to hear the child mispronouncing some sounds. But if this pattern continues after they turn four years old, it will be time to pay attention to this problem and come up with solutions to solve it on time.

Know This Hurdle Is Very Common

This speaking hurdle is known as infant dyslalia and is expected within the child's first growth stages. It begins when they start babbling and understanding what others are saying to them. Also, they already have a vocabulary of more than fifty words that grows incessantly. Around the time they turn three, they'll begin to talk and interact with extraordinary fluency, making themselves understood to others with great ease. However, not all phonemes are likely pronounced clearly. For instance, those that are made up of two consonants in a row, like words with "pl" or "dr" combinations, are the ones children struggle the most with.

Detect This Hurdle on Time

If there are no physical or organic problems, it could be the case of another speech disorder known as dysglossia and requires some intervention. The articulatory issues will gradually disappear. If not, it's crucial to detect dyslalia early. Appropriate treatment can fix it, prevent it from lasting, and keep this interference from affecting your child's school life and their relationship with their classmates.

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